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#BidenBorderCrisis: Vol. 34
Torunn Sinclair | May 20, 2021

CNN is reporting on how “migrants and smugglers are using military-style tactics to avoid capture” along stretches of the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona. 

Because border wall construction has been halted, sections that are incomplete have become new crossover locations. 

Encounters are up more than 150% from last year and detections from drones monitoring the area have tripled. 

These aren’t families trying to cross illegally, but “single adults doing all they can to avoid capture.”

But, according to Democrats, a border crisis doesn’t exist!  

NRCC Comment: “While Democrats pretend the border crisis they created doesn’t exist, more and more migrants cross into the U.S. illegally using military-style tactics to evade capture.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Torunn Sinclair

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