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NEW POLL: 68% percent believe Biden White House encourages illegal immigration
Maggie Abboud | June 28, 2021

New polling shows an overwhelming majority of Americans don’t trust the Biden Administration to handle the border crisis.

The poll shows:

  • 80% don’t think the Biden White House is giving the border crisis enough attention.
  • 68% think “signals from the Biden White House are encouraging illegal immigration.”
  • 63% believe border crossings by illegal immigrants have increased since Biden took office.
  • 40% say Kamala Harris has made no progress tackling illegal immigration.
  • 44% believe Kamala Harris is doing a bad job tackling the root causes of illegal immigration.

NRCC Comment: “The American people have completely lost faith in Democrats to fix this border crisis.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Torunn Sinclair

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