NEW TV AD: NRCC blasts Golden for failure to curb browntail moth outbreak

July 15, 2021

The NRCC is releasing a new TV ad that will air today during the Yankees/Red Sox game hitting Jared Golden for his failure to curb the browntail moth outbreak in Maine.

Watch the ad HERE.

Under Golden’s leadership, the Maine legislature failed to pass a bill designed to provide cities with funding to mitigate properties “severely infested” with browntail moth caterpillars.

Years later, Mainers are paying the price for Jared Golden’s ineffective leadership as the state experiences its worst browntail moth season in a century.

NRCC Comment: “Jared Golden’s record as an ineffective politician extends all the way back to his time in the Maine Legislature. Mainers are still paying the price for Golden’s failure to act, and he owes an explanation as to why he didn’t mitigate browntail moth caterpillar infestations when he had the chance.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Samantha Bullock