National Journal: “Ron Kind might be in trouble”

July 21, 2021

National Journal reports “Wisconsin Rep. Ron Kind might be in trouble” after getting outraised last quarter and being “bombarded” with negative stories about profiting from a massage parlor that advertises on known human trafficking websites.

NRCC Comment: “Ron Kind is in serious trouble because of his business dealings with some very bad individuals. Kind’s failure to explain why he continues to profit from a massage parlor that advertised on known human trafficking websites may be hurting his fundraising as well.” – NRCC Spokesman Mike Berg

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Hotline’s Wake-Up Call

National Journal

Kirk Bado

July 21, 2021

Our Call

Wisconsin Rep. Ron Kind might be in trouble. Last quarter he was the only vulnerable Democrat outraised by a challenger (excluding candidates who made personal loans to their campaigns) and he’s been bombarded with negative stories about a business that rents from his properties. Kind eked out a narrow 2-point win over Republican Derrick Van Orden last year, and the Navy veteran is back again for a rematch in a district President Trump carried by 5 points. The lines are sure to change, but Van Orden already has the institutional support of Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other senior GOP officials. Along with Reps. Jared Golden and Tom Malinowski, Kind has emerged as one of Republicans’ top targets as they look to wrest control of the House back from Democrats. — Kirk A. Bado