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Torunn Sinclair | October 4, 2021

Vulnerable Democrats headed home to their constituents Friday without any of the infrastructure they were promised. 

Here’s what they’re saying about getting rolled yet again: 

Maine Rep. Jared Golden: “The double-dealing I have seen in Washington over the past few months is not worthy of trust. Moving forward, it will be difficult for me to take leadership at their word or to believe that they will adhere to any commitment they make to me or others.” (Newscenter Maine)

Iowa Rep. Cindy Axne: “But all-at-once or nothing is no way to govern. This bill will be invaluable to the future of our state and create thousands of Iowa jobs over its lifespan. Its passage should not be delayed.” (Press Release)

Florida Rep. Stephanie Murphy: “The way he is governing doesn’t reflect the skills I know he must have from his years as a legislator” She called Biden’s refusal to push harder for legislation he had embraced “disappointing and frustrating. I’m not clear why he came up to the Hill.” (The New York Times

New Jersey Rep. Josh Gottheimer: “It’s deeply regrettable that Speaker Pelosi breached her firm, public commitment to Members of Congress and the American people to hold a vote and to pass the once-in-a-century bipartisan infrastructure bill on or before September 27.” (Press Release

California Rep. Jim Costa: …called Biden’s pitch “a disappointment,” saying he spent most of the time discussing the reconciliation package…“Well, if it’s not a priority for him, then maybe it’s just not a priority period,” he said. “It’s a priority for me.” (Roll Call)

New Hampshire Rep. Chris Pappas: “I continue to call upon leadership to bring the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which includes the full five-year reauthorization of highway funding, up for a vote as soon as possible. Congress must meet its numerous responsibilities with the urgency that our communities and families require and without the tiresome, political gamesmanship that is par for the course in Washington.” (Press Release)

Georgia Rep. Carolyn Bourdeaux: “I would have preferred to have taken the vote this week, most certainly.” (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

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