Underwood praises sexual predator

October 19, 2021

Lauren Underwood is praising disgraced former Congresswoman Katie Hill as a “leader.”

Hill resigned last Congress amid an ethics probe after she was busted having inappropriate sexual relations with her staff. 

From Vanity Fair:

“It’s really clear that Katie is a leader,” said Rep. Lauren Underwood, who was in the same Congressional class as Hill and was her roommate at the time of Hill’s resignation. “She has an incredible capacity to drive change in our country. We saw it in Congress where she was like a bright star among a class of stars—let’s be clear. And so when she left that ability that she has, [didn’t] go away.”

NRCC Comment: “It’s bizarre that Lauren Underwood is going out of her way to praise a sexual predator like Katie Hill. Is Underwood going to release a statement praising Harvey Weinstein next?” – NRCC Spokesman Mike Berg