NEW NRCC POLL: Biden Tanking in Key Congressional Battlegrounds

October 26, 2021

Today the NRCC released a memo outlining its most recent internal polling of battleground districts across the country.  

Four key takeaways from the memo:  

  • President Biden is now a major liability in battleground districts. Biden’s job approval has flipped from 51% approve – 45% disapprove in July to 45% – 51% now. The shift in Biden’s approval is almost entirely coming from independents, as just 39% approve versus 54% who disapprove of his performance.
  • For the first time this cycle, Republicans now lead on the generic ballot. Across the 85 battleground Congressional districts, Republicans lead on the generic ballot 43%-40%. This is a 6% positive swing from the start of this cycle.
  • Republicans have a decisive advantage on the issues most important to voters. When asked what the top issues are for President Biden and Congress to focus on, the most common answers are jobs and the economy (16%), border security (15%) and inflation/cost of living (12%). Republicans have an advantage among voters on which party can best handle these issues, and their advantage has grown significantly since July.
  • Voters are rejecting Democrats’ policies. In these battleground districts, a solid majority of voters (59%) say government is doing too many things versus just 35% who say government should do more. Voters’ belief that Democrats’ tax and spend agenda will raise their own taxes has grown by 6% from 51% in July to 57% now. More importantly, 66% of voters say the Democrats’ proposed spending will increase their own cost of living, while just 5% say the bill would bring their cost of living down.

The memo can be accessed HERE