NEW NRCC POLL: BBB Legislation is Toxic & Environment Continues to Worsen for Democrats

November 16, 2021

The NRCC today released a memo outlining its latest internal polling of battleground districts.

Here are five key takeaways from the memo:

  1. Build Back Better (BBB) is already unpopular with voters and becomes more unpopular as voters learn about the damaging policies within the package. When asked “would you say you support or oppose President Biden’s new spending package also known as Build Back Better,” a plurality (46%) say they are opposed, and only 39% support. After hearing a series of informative messages related to policies within BBB, opposition reaches 57% with only 37% supporting.
  1. If Democrats vote for Build Back Better, they will have to defend its politically toxic policies which penalize hard working families to reward liberal elites and those who entered the country illegally.
  1. Republicans continue to have a decisive advantage on the issues most important to voters. Voters in battleground districts say President Biden and Congress should focus on: border security (16%), jobs and the economy (15%), and inflation/cost of living (13%). These were the only three issues to register in the double-digits. Among economy-focused voters, a generic Republican leads a generic Democrat by a 2:1 margin (58%-29%).
  2. In addition to his low approval ratings, Joe Biden suffers from an astonishing lack of enthusiasm from his own base. President Biden’s job approval is 42% among voters in battleground districts, while a 52% majority disapprove of the job he is doing.Just 20% of voters strongly approve of Joe Biden, while more than double that amount (43%) strongly disapprove.
  1. The generic ballot advantage for Republicans in these battleground districts is real and growing. Voters in battleground districts prefer a Republican candidate over a Democrat candidate by four points (45% to 41%), a net increase of seven points since the start of the year.

The full memo can be read HERE.