WAPO: Inside Biden’s declining popularity as he struggles with multiple crises

January 19, 2022

The Washington Post wrote a recap of Biden’s first year in office ahead of the one-year anniversary of his inauguration tomorrow, and boy is it vicious. 

One voter even suggests Biden needs to nap more. 

No wonder Democrats are retiring in droves. 

Read some of the highlights below and the full article, here.

  • “Biden on Thursday marks the first full year of his presidency facing intraparty Democratic disarray, stalled legislation, supply chain issues, worrying inflation, rising tensions with Russia and another highly transmissible coronavirus variant called omicron — all of which have led to an approval ratings average stuck in the low 40s.”
  • “But the administration has also repeatedly underestimated the magnitude of the nation’s challenges, including failing to anticipate the delta and omicron coronavirus variants, and has struggled to unite the liberal base and the more moderate wing of the Democratic Party. The president and his team have also stumbled in offering a clear and reassuring message, unable to convince many Americans that they understand their travails or that better days are ahead.”
  • “’And Rep. Dina Titus (D-Nev.) said: “If I were giving them a grade — and I was a political science professor for a long time — I’d have to give them an incomplete.’”
  • “Others offered suggestions: ‘If he needs a nap beforehand, take that, because we need him to be there for us.’”
  • “One Democratic strategist said the Biden team can turn his presidency around — but probably not in time to stave off defeat in the November midterms.”
  • “Administration officials have long contended that if they can just get the coronavirus under control, it will drastically improve the lives of Americans, as well as their own political prospects. But that task, so far, has proved Sisyphean.”