NEW NRCC BATTLEGROUND POLL: It’s the Economy, Stupid

March 23, 2022

The NRCC today released the results of its most recent battleground survey, which confirms that Joe Biden and Democrats face an increasingly challenging political environment.

Battleground voters continue to hold Democrats responsible for the negative impact that record-high inflation, soaring crime, and the crisis along our southern border are having on their lives. Additionally, these voters overwhelmingly support Republicans who are focused on addressing these issues. 

NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer said, “This survey confirms what we already knew: Republicans have a winning economic message and Democrats’ failure to combat rising costs is repelling swing-voters heading into the midterms.”  

View the full polling memo HERE

Key Takeaways: 

Joe Biden’s approval rating continues to worsen, with 40% of battleground voters approving of the President and 55% disapproving.

Republicans continue to expand their lead on the generic ballot, leading by 4 points.

Cost of living and jobs/economy top the list of concerns for battleground voters, with 46% indicating they are most concerned with an economic issue.

Republicans have a massive advantage with voters who have economic concerns, leading by 24 points with voters most concerned about the cost of living, and leading by 20 points with voters most concerned about jobs and the economy.

Additional Background: 

This installment of the NRCC Battleground Survey Project adjusted the battlefield districts to accurately reflect redistricting. The survey looked at voters in 77 battleground congressional districts that will determine control of Congress after the 2022 elections. Joe Biden won these seats in 2020 by five and a half points.