ICYMI: Luria continues to be untrustworthy

March 24, 2022

Does Elaine Luria even believe what comes out of her mouth anymore?

Breitbart reports on the numerous times Elaine Luria has completely contradicted herself including: 

  • Breaking her no corporate PAC money promise.
  • Railing against school choice but sending her daughter to private school and failing to disclose her own corporate position at a private school.
  • Flip-flopping on trading stocks.
  • Flip-flopping on minimum wage.
  • Not paying staff a “living wage” after championing a “living wage” for workers.

Read the full article here.

NRCC Comment: “If Elaine Luria’s mouth is moving, she’s lying to Virginians.” –NRCC Spokeswoman Camille Gallo