New NRCC Ads Show How Much Democrats’ Inflation Crisis is Costing Americans

April 27, 2022

The NRCC today released ten new ads hammering vulnerable Democrats on how much their inflation crisis is costing Americans.

NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer said, “House Democrats voted for trillions in reckless spending that funded luxury hotels, golf courses, and ski resorts. Now every American is paying a $5,200 inflation tax every year.”  

Watch one of the ads here:  


The ads will run across digital platforms as part of a five-figure ad buy.  

The ads will run in the following districts:  

AZ-02 O’Halleran
AZ-04 Stanton
CT-05 Hayes
KS-03 Davids
MI-07 Slotkin
MI-08 Kildee
MN-02 Craig
NH-01 Pappas
NH-02 Kuster
WA-08 Schrier