5.19.22 Press Clips – Sean Patrick Maloney

May 19, 2022

Democrats are still fuming over DCCC Chair Sean Patrick Maloney’s decision to abandon his competitive district and target a Black freshman with a primary challenge.

One House Democrat said to Punchbowl News in an unsolicited text message, “Add me to the list of many who are appalled and outraged at what SPM is doing. How the hell does a DCCC chair abandon a competitive seat to primary another Democratic colleague?!?!?”

Here’s a look at some of the BRUTAL headlines the DCCC chair is facing:

New York Post: NY Democrats accusing one another of racism after gerrymander debacle

Daily Mail: Democratic Rep. now accuses campaign chair Sean Maloney of RACISM for wanting to run against black colleague Mondaire Jones in seat he won ‘decisively’ as party mess in New York gets worse

Politico: ‘Absolutely stunned’: New York House map sets off chaos, backbiting among Dems

Huffington Post: ‘Outrageous’: Top Democrat Under Fire For Undermining Incumbent In His Own Party

The Hill: Eying new House district, Democratic campaign chair faces backlash

Fox News: Dems in disarray: DCCC chair faces backlash for potentially primarying freshman progressive

Washington Free Beacon: ‘Extinction-Level Event’: Democrats Melt Down, Accuse Each Other of Racism After New York Courts Upend Their Gerrymander