Gonzalez flip flops on price gouging bill

May 19, 2022

Vicente Gonzalez voted today for Democrats “price gouging” legislation after previously telling reporters he was “leaning no” on the bill because there’s “no solid proof” price gouging is occurring. 

And he’s not the only one who thinks there’s no proof. 

Even Biden’s Secretary of Energy admits price-gouging isn’t happening and former Obama Treasury Secretary Larry Summers called the bill “dangerous nonsense.” 

The bill imposes socialist price controls on oil and gas, which will decrease production, create supply shortages, rationing and miles-long lines at the pump reminiscent of the 1970s when price controls were last in effect. 

So, why did Gonzalez vote for it? 

NRCC COMMENT: “Vicente Gonzalez continues to prove that he’ll vote with Nancy Pelosi’s socialist agenda instead of putting South Texas first.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Torunn Sinclair