Quinnipiac Poll: Americans expecting recession

May 19, 2022

A new Quinnipiac Poll found the “overwhelming majority of Americans (85 percent) think it is either very likely (45 percent) or somewhat likely (40 percent) that there will be an economic recession in the next year.”

They may be right…

The Wall Street Journal reports “[t]he global economy is in danger of entering a period of so-called stagflation, or high inflation and weak growth, policy makers and corporate leaders say, which could erode living standards around the world.”

The DOW slid more than 1,000 points yesterday, it’s worst day since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Gas prices shattered another record today.

NRCC Comment: “There is no positive spin Democrats can put on their economic record. They began destroying our economy the minute they took control of the government.” ­– NRCC Spokesman Mike Berg