Stansbury, Leger Fernandez vote for “irresponsible” price-gouging bill

May 19, 2022

If New Mexicans weren’t hurting enough, Melanie Stansbury and Teresa Leger Fernandez just voted for legislation that will exacerbate inflation and cause massive lines at the pump. 

Stansbury and Leger Fernandez are trying to shift the blame for record-high gas prices from their energy polices to “price-gouging,” but even Biden’s Secretary of Energy admits there’s no price-gouging occurring. 

Democrat Representative Stephanie Murphy went so far as to call the bill “irresponsible,” and chided her Party for “passing messaging bills.”

The bill will impose socialist price controls on oil and gas, which will decrease production, create supply shortages, rationing, and miles-long lines at the pump reminiscent of the 1970s when price controls were last in effect. 

NRCC COMMENT: “Melanie Stansbury and Teresa Leger Fernandez caused these record high gas prices and are so desperate to shift the blame that New Mexicans may lose their jobs because of it.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Torunn Sinclair