NRCC Announces 10 Additional “On the Radar” Candidates in Young Guns Program

June 10, 2022

WASHINGTON – The National Republican Congressional Committee today announced an additional slate of 10 “On the Radar” candidates as part of the Youngs Guns program. The program, spearheaded by Leader McCarthy, helps equip Republican candidates across the country with the tools they need to run winning campaigns.

“Strong Republican candidates are stepping up across the country to stop Democrats’ disastrous agenda that has led to record-high gas prices, 40-year high inflation, rising crime, and a wide open southern border,” said Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy. “Republicans are competing in deep blue territory this cycle because Democrats continue to play political games instead of focusing on the issues that matter to the American people.”

The Young Guns program is divided into multiple levels containing benchmarks that a candidate must achieve to advance in the program. Candidates who achieve full Young Guns status have successfully collaborated with the NRCC and completed the requirements that establish a path to victory on Election Day.

In 2020, 25 Young Guns were elected to Congress. Since its inception, the Young Guns program has helped elect over 150 members of Congress.

You can view the Young Guns website by clicking HERE. You can view the “On the Radar” website by clicking HERE.

The list of newly added “On the Radar” candidates is as follows:

(IL-13): Regan Deering

(NC-06): Chris Castelli

(NC-14): Pat Harrigan

(NM-03): Alexis Martinez Johnson

(NY-04): Anthony D’Esposito

(NY-20): Liz Joy

(OH-09): JR Majewski

(OH-13): Madison Gesiotto Gilbert

(OR-06): Mike Erickson

(PA-12): Mike Doyle