Dems pan Craig’s gas tax proposal

June 23, 2022

Angie Craig is praising Joe Biden’s decision to embrace a federal gas tax suspension.

The rest of the Democrat Party is panning it as a campaign gimmick.

Here’s what they’re saying…

Washington Post: “Top Treasury Department officials expressed doubts about the gas tax holiday, and at least two top White House economists also privately conveyed reservations.”

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer: Suspending the gas tax may not “have the intended effect in terms of the retail price.”

House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Chair Peter DeFazio: “Suspending the federal gas tax will not provide meaningful relief at the pump for American families, but it will blow a multibillion-dollar hole in the highway trust fund, putting funding for future infrastructure projects at risk.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Dismissed the idea as “very showbiz” and argued it would not have a practical impact on consumers.

Former President Barack Obama: Suspending the gas tax is a “gimmick” to save Americans half a tank of gas over the summer so that lawmakers could “say that they did something.”

Mark Zandi, the chief economist of Moody’s Analytics: A gas tax holiday is “very much on the margin” in terms of lowering gas prices.

Dean Baker, a liberal economist and White House ally: “It looks like you’re doing something, but it’s not really — I think they know that.”

NRCC Comment: “If Angie Craig wants to bring down gas prices in a significant way, she should stop supporting Joe Biden’s war on American energy production.” – NRCC Spokesman Mike Berg