More bad press for Sean Patrick Maloney

June 27, 2022

After a week of awful headlines and coverage, Business Insider is now piling on to criticize Sean Patrick Maloney’s lack of political prowess.

In their coverage of New York’s redistricting fallout, they write:

“Perhaps most unusually, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, the House Democrats’ midterm election leader and chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, is in [a hotly contested primary]. Tasked with helping Democrats win as many seats as possible at the helm of the fundraising group, Maloney finding himself in a competitive primary race is not ideal for the DCCC.”

NRCC Comment: “It must be a full-time job for Sean Patrick Maloney to deal with all the bad press his cowardly move into NY-17 has caused, which is unfortunate because he was already failing at his other jobs as DCCC Chair and NY-18’s congressman.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Samantha Bullock