National Journal: Republicans favored to win AZ-02 and AZ-06

July 28, 2022

According to National Journal’s new power rankings, AZ-02 and AZ-06 are ranked as two of the districts Republicans’ are most likely to win in 2022. 

This comes as the U.S. enters a recession caused by Joe Biden’s disastrous economic agenda, which is supported by O’HalleranEngel and Hernandez.

They write of AZ-02: The makeup of this district, on top of the national environment, still gives whoever wins the GOP primary next week an advantage against the Blue Dog Democrat.”

They write of AZ-06: “Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick’s early retirement last year signaled that this race would be a top target for Republicans in a wave year…. Engel and Hernandez face each other in the primary in August, and whoever comes out victorious will have a difficult task keeping this district in Democrats’ hands.”