Home heating costs set to surge in New England this winter

September 5, 2022

While tone-deaf Democrats brag about $4 per gallon gas, New Englanders are gearing up for a brutally expensive winter.

Utility bills are set to surge this winter:

  • Natural gas customers can expect 50%-100% rate increases
  • Home heating oil is at a still-elevated cost
  • One Maine utility has proposed a 200% increase in distribution rates
  • Rhode Island energy rates are likely to be the highest in the state “in at least two decades, if ever”
  • New Hampshire customers are seeing multiple utility companies hiking rates by at least 100%

NRCC Comment: “New Englanders are gearing up for one of the most expensive winters on record because of Joe Biden and the Democrats’ war on American energy.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Samantha Bullock