NRCC Expands Investments Deeper into Democrat-Held Territory, Announces $28M in Additional Spending

September 9, 2022

WASHINGTON — The NRCC today announced $28M in additional spending to retake the House, bringing the committee’s total spend to $80M.

Nearly 75% of the additional spending is targeted toward offensive seats, including six new offensive targets: CO-08, NC-13, OH-13, TX-28, VA-07, WA-08.

“We are continuing to expand the playing field deeper into Democrat-held territory and look forward to prosecuting the case against every one of these vulnerable Democrats,” said NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer. “We have the message, the candidates and the resources needed to retake the majority and this investment will help us deliver on our mission.”

The spending in new seats is as follows:

$2.2m in CA-45

$2.6m in CO-08

$2.7m in NC-13

$3.4m in OH-13

$950k in TX-28

$3.7m in VA-07

$2.3m in WA-08

The buy includes additional investments in races the NRCC already had reservations including:

$750k in AZ-06

$1.3m in CA-22

$2.2m in CA-27

$850k in IA-03

$1.9m in ME-02

$400k in MI-07

$300k in MI-08

$300k in MN-02

$650k in NE-02

$250k in OH-01

$1.05m in PA-08

$600k in PA-17