Did you take a look at Hillary Scholten’s asburd record on the border?

March 28, 2024

Yesterday, Hillary Scholten put out a weak statement five days after an illegal immigrant murdered Ruby Garcia in Grand Rapids. She claimed her “heart breaks” for Garcia, but her voting record and past statements on the border say otherwise…

Read about Scholten’s dangerous open border policies in The Midwesternerhere or below:

Hillary Scholten’s ‘heart breaks’ for Ruby Garcia, but her pro-illegal immigration record is chilling
Bruce Edward Walker

March 28, 2024

Although Michigan Democrat U.S. Rep. Hillary Scholten told WZZM on Tuesday that her “heart breaks” over the murder of a Grand Rapids woman last weekend by an illegal immigrant, she has a lengthy record that shows her support for open borders and immigrants entering the country illegally.
In 2011, for example, Scholten co-authored an article arguing that “current Eighth Amendment jurisprudence can support the conclusion that deportation for certain crimes constitutes impermissibly cruel and unusual punishment.”
Scholten has also been an outspoken proponent of sanctuary designations in Michigan municipalities and counties.
In a 2018 MLive article, Scholten advocated for ending ICE’s contract with Kent County jails.
“We are calling on the county today to stop the voluntary practice of working with (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement),” she said. “We’re not asking that the county stand in the way of ICE doing its job, simply that (the county) not stand up and offer our county resources to help ICE in this way.”
As a legislator in Washington, Scholten in May of last year voted against a House Resolution that would make assaulting a first-responder by any non-U.S. national a deportable offense. That same month, she voted against a House Resolution that imposed limits on asylum eligibility while also requiring employers to use an electronic system to verify the employment eligibility of new employees.
In July of last year, she voted against a House Resolution prohibiting the use of public school buildings to house non-U.S. nationals. Similarly, last October, Scholten voted against a House Resolution prohibiting housing of non-U.S. nationals on federally administered land.
In January 2024, Scholten voted against U.S. House Resolution 957 that specifically denounced “the Biden administration’s open-borders policies, condemning the national security and public safety crisis along the southwest border, and urging President Biden to end his administration’s open-borders policies.”