Clown car AZ-01 Democrats shamefully silent on Hodge sex violence scandal

April 1, 2024

After Jevin Hodge’s sexual violence violations scandal broke, the clown car of extreme Democrats running in the 1st district failed the test.

Every single Democrat candidate stayed shamefully silent—despite all effusively praising Hodge previously and some bankrolling Hodge’s campaign.

In case you missed it…

Arizona Democrat Bankrolled Campaign With Funds Raised With Democrat Ousted Over Sex Scandal

Arizona Daily Independent

Democratic candidate Kirsten Engel bankrolled her congressional campaign with funds raised using the help of Democrat Jevin Hodge, who resigned from the House this week after his college sex scandal came to light — just two months after his appointment.

Engel jointly fundraised with Hodge last November. Hodge’s donation plea cited his narrow failure to unseat Congressman David Schweikert in 2022.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors appointed Hodge to the vacant Arizona House seat in January, formerly held by Athena Salman. Hodge was expected to hold the seat until this November’s election.

That was, until last week when documents were uncovered revealing Hodge’s violations of sexual violence and sexual misconduct policies while a 21-year-old student at George Washington University in 2015. The university suspended Hodge after confirming a woman’s claim that he had attempted to initiate sex against her will.

Just days later, Engel announced her formal filing for Congress.

National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) spokesman Ben Petersen said Engel keeping silent and holding onto the Hodge funds equated to her tolerance of his past misdeeds.

“The extreme Democrats running for Congress have stayed shamefully silent on Jevin Hodge’s sexual violence violation despite vocally praising him previously,” said Petersen. “Kirsten Engel must donate the tainted money she bankrolled her campaign with by fundraising with Hodge or be complicit in Hodge’s unacceptable behavior.”


It seems other Democrats who formerly praised Hodge’s political endeavors have opted for silence.

Among them are Arizona’s other Democratic congressional candidates in the crowded District 1 race who were quick to lavish praise on Hodge for his legislative appointment in January: Andrei Cherny, Conor O’Callaghan, Kurt Kroemer, and Marlene Galan-Woods.

Cherney went so far as to say Hodge “wrote the playbook” to win the congressional seat they were after, referencing Hodge’s narrow loss to Schweikert in 2022.

So far, these Democratic congressional candidates have kept quiet over the revelation of Hodge’s dark past.

Those candidates were also financial backers of Hodge’s congressional campaign. Cherney, Kroemer, and another first district contender, Amish Shah, gave Hodge over $8,000 for his failed 2022 congressional campaign.

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