NRCC Announces Best Fundraising Month of Cycle

April 11, 2024

The National Republican Congressional Committee announced the best fundraising month of the 2024 cycle — raising $16.2 million in March 2024 — while posting an increase of $10.7 million cash on hand from February.

“In a game of inches for the House majority where every seat matters, Republicans are out-recruiting, out-messaging, and out-hustling extreme Democrats,” said NRCC Chairman Richard Hudson.“We are building momentum to grow our House Republican majority – this outstanding fundraising is proof we will have the resources we need to make extreme Democrats pay a price for failing America.”

By the numbers:

  • March 2024 Raised: $16.2M
  • 2024 Q1 Total Raised: $33.4M
  • Cycle-To-Date Fundraising Total: $124.7M
  • Cash on Hand: $55.9M — The Committee’s largest month-to-month cash on hand increase of the cycle.