Don Davis votes no but takes the dough

May 6, 2024

Don Davis is a classic two-stepping politician who says one thing but does another. Davis says he secured money for ECU’s School of Medicine, but the truth is that he voted against the funding because his Democrat Party bosses told him to do so. Locals asked Davis not to vote against the money for ECU, but Davis just can’t resist: He is a puppet for the Democrats.

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Did NC congressman help expand ECU’s Brody School of Medicine? 

News & Observer

May 06, 2024 

Rep. Don Davis faced criticism in 2020 as a state senator, after siding with the governor over the state’s budget that cost East Carolina University funding to expand its school of medicine. So last month, when Davis said during a town hall that he worked to expand the Brody School of Medicine at ECU, it caught the attention of Republicans, who are closely monitoring his every move in hopes of flipping his congressional district red in the 2024 election. 

The National Republican Congressional Committee accused Davis in a written statement of taking credit for funding ECU even though, they say, he voted against it. 


In January 2020, key Senate Democrats, including Davis, said they would vote to maintain Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of the budget. 


But after Cooper’s veto, Davis was caught between his party’s leader, and people in his community who wanted him to vote for the budget because of the funds at ECU.


Opinion pieces from college leaders targeted Davis in local newspapers asking him to support the veto override. The Greenville City Council passed a resolution in support of the budget. And once it became clear that the Senate Democrats would not be moved, radio host Henry Hinton had Davis on his program, Talk of the Town, and told him he “lost his mind.” 

“I don’t understand how anyone who is an elected official for this community, could behave the way you behaved yesterday and not have done anything and everything in your power to get this Brody School of Medicine, and this $220 million for your district,” Hinton told Davis on air. 

Davis stood with his party, and helped keep Cooper’s veto in place. 


VoteView, a website tracking the votes of members of Congress, shows that Davis has a 95% attendance record in Congress and has voted with his party 88% of the time.


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