CO-08 Hispanic voters could determine the election

May 13, 2024

New York Times polling confirms what we’ve been saying: Democrats are losing Hispanics. 60% of Hispanic voters disapprove of Biden, with the economy and immigration ranking as Hispanics’ top issues. 

This is catastrophic news for Yadira Caraveo, whose district is 35% Hispanic. Caraveo has also voted against Hispanics’ top issues – she voted against securing the border and has supported Biden’s inflationary policies.

Caraveo is already in a tight spot and losing Hispanic voters would almost certainly give Republicans a victory in November. 

“Hispanic voters are no longer supporting Yadira Caraveo and it’s not a surprise why: She works against their top issues and has left them behind. Meanwhile, Republicans advocate against extreme Democrats’ open borders and inflationary agenda, which is a far better representation of Hispanics’ priorities.” — NRCC Spokeswoman Delanie Bomar