Another sickening comment from Susan Wild

May 24, 2024

Susan Wild showed her true colors and made disparaging comments yet again – this time ranting about Speaker Mike Johnson and Ryan Mackenzie visiting Cetronia Ambulance Corps for National EMS Week, even though Speaker Johnson’s father suffered a career-ending injury in the line of duty.

What Susan Wild didn’t mention is that she co-sponsored the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which would’ve led to millions in unfunded mandates for small town municipalities, leading to less funding for police and emergency services. 

While her comments and voting record are disgusting, they’re not surprising. Earlier this year, Susan Wild was forced to apologize after she made outrageous comments claiming she was “dismayed” over representing Carbon County and said her constituents “drank the Trump Kool-Aid.”
 “Susan Wild is in it for Susan Wild. She has proven time and again that her voting record and sickening comments are too extreme for Pennsylvania. If Wild wants to have the conversation about who actually supports first responders, we’re happy to have it because no one believes her lies.” – NRCC Spokesman Mike Marinella