Jahana Hayes is all hat, no cattle

May 24, 2024

Last night, the House Agriculture Committee passed a Farm Bill that will empower Connecticut farmers and feed American families. Shamefully, Jahana Hayes put politics over producers.
What’s the beef? Jahana Hayes is following orders from her party bosses from behind closed doors instead of listening to hardworking farmers in her district.

Not bringing home the baconJahana Hayes voted against lots of provisions in this Farm Bill. Provisions like:

  • Increasing Statutory Reference Price for commodities to help American farmers and producers keep up with rising costs.
  • Enhancing disaster assistance programs and increasing eligibility for coverage.
  • Holding China accountable by increasing cooperation between USDA and CFIUS to ensure foreign enemies cannot purchase American farmland.
  • Reauthorizing nutrition programs to feed lower income families and children.
  • Maintaining and boosting popular bipartisan conservation programs.

“Jahana Hayes is all hat and no cattle when it comes to sticking up for ConnecticutFarmers and families can’t put all their eggs in Jahana Hayes’s basket and expect her to come through for them. Jahana Hayes will be answering for this shameful partisan vote ‘til the cows come home this November.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Savannah Viar