Eric Sorensen on closing the border: “The U.S. would end in three days.”

May 28, 2024

Eric Sorensen claims the United States would end in THREE DAYS if we secured the southern border.

SORENSEN: “The economy of the United States would end in 3 days. We have 3 days of what we need in the United States, so if we just shut down the entire southern border, it would be to the detriment of our country.”

This interpretation is exactly why Eric Sorensen is the most unserious member of Congress. Since it’s an election year, Sorensen claims he supports a secure border but truly has no clue what that even means. 

The bottom line: Sorensen hasn’t once called on Joe Biden to enforce existing laws to secure the border, he’s voted against securing the border countless times, and he believes climate change is to blame for the border crisis.

“How is anyone supposed to take Eric Sorensen seriously? He stated he thinks climate change is to blame for the border crisis and now claims the United States will end in three days if we secure the southern border. Either he’s a crazy radical or the most confused member of Congress – or both.” – NRCC Spokesman Mike Marinella