Derek Tran “decidedly not in the top tier”: Story

May 29, 2024

A brutal story lays bare extreme Democrats’ lackluster recruit Derek Tran’s struggles in the 45th district race.

Punchbowl reports Tran is decidedly not in the top tier of flip opportunities in California and “Knocking off Steel — a prolific fundraiser who boasts a strong ground game in the Orange County district — will be an uphill battle.” Even voters at Tran’s own events are left asking, “Who’s the candidate?

HOW WE GOT HERE: First, Tran hired a clown for acting lessons. Next, Tran poll-tested how to re-brand his ambulance chaser biography. Then, Tran barely survived his primary. Tran’s latest move — threatening posts pointing a gun at his opponent’s head.

“Unknown, underfunded and ‘decidedly not in the top tier,’ Derek Tran has stumbled out of the gate. Tran and his extreme D.C. Democrat handlers are getting desperate as they try to salvage his sputtering campaign.” – NRCC Spokesperson Ben Petersen