The new PA Dem playbook: Trash your own constituents

June 14, 2024

Extreme Democrat Chris Deluzio took a page out of his colleague Susan Wild’s radical playbook and insulted his own constituents.

Explosive footage shows Deluzio claiming Trump supporters are a “horde of budding blood-and-soil fascists.”

Chris Deluzio and Susan Wild are two peas in a pod trashing their own constituents. Just last week, it was reported Susan Wild branded a local veteran a homophobic bigot. Wild was also forced to apologize after stating she was “dismayed” when Carbon County was added to her district and that they “drank the Trump Kool-Aid.”

“It seems like the new Pennsylvania Democrat playbook is to trash your own constituents. Chris Deluzio’s comments are abhorrent. He clearly doesn’t want to represent them, so he step aside and let someone who will.” – NRCC Spokesman Mike Marinella