The craven calculus behind George Whitesides’ move

June 18, 2024

Extreme Democrats are saying the quiet part out loud.

They don’t want voters to vote on repealing Proposition 47 because it would highlight their pro-crime record and hurt George Whitesides.


LA Times: “The party’s dominant fear, it seems, is that the measure would help Republican candidates, especially in a handful of congressional races where control of the U.S. House is at stake.”

POLITICO: “Democrats are eager to keep retail theft off the ballot in part to avoid the spillover effects the initiative could have on other races.”

LA Times: “Democratic consultant Steve Maviglio says the initiative would ‘move swing voters. People see crime on the rise. Democrats have a reputation for being soft on crime. Republicans see blood in the water. They want to talk about crime. Democrats don’t.’”

CBS News: “An email chain obtained by CBS News California Investigates reveals that the Governor’s Chief of Staff would not negotiate to strengthen a Democratic package of crime bills unless a coalition of crime victims, retailers, and law enforcement leaders would agree to postpone thier ballot measure until 2026.”

POLITICO: “Democratic strategists following competitive House races say there’s no need for their party’s candidates to weigh in on the initiative now”

“Extreme liberal George Whitesides cares more about toeing the extreme party line than keeping Southern California families safe. Whitesides refusing to support the voter initiative shows he puts craven political games over Californians’ safety.” – NRCC Spokesperson Ben Petersen