Midwest Democrats are slamming the panic button

June 20, 2024

A new report shows vulnerable Democrats in the Midwest are freaking out about their once-reliable voting block of union members drifting away from Joe Biden and their increasingly anti-worker party.

Just hear it from Midwest Democrats themselves:

Marcy Kaptur (OH-09): “This has been accelerating over the years … you’d be skeptical as a worker too. You’d want to listen [to Republicans].”

Dan Kildee (MI-08): “We need to be concerned.”

Dean Phillips (MN-03): “Democrats have to recognize that this affiliation [with union leadership]… is not translating into electoral support.”

Another House Democrat: “Every Democrat knows that this is going to happen.”

“Midwest Democrats are slamming every panic button they can get their hands on because they know the extreme policies from Joe Biden and their party are failing the American worker.” – NRCC Spokesman Mike Marinella