NRCC Statement on NY-17 Primary Election

June 26, 2024

WASHINGTON – The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) released the following statement on New York’s 17th Congressional district primary election:

“Quick to cut and run candidate Mondaire Jones enters the general election with tons of bad earned media, no new (or old) friends and a battered reputation. NY-17 voters can see through his sad attempt at a rebrand and will reject him just like he rejected them when he closed up his district office early. Rep. Lawler is a pragmatic legislator who knows and prioritizes the needs of NY-17, which is why he will be re-elected this fall.” — NRCC Spokeswoman Savannah Viar

Background: Read more of Mondaire’s bad recent headlines here. Mondaire Jones lost critical financial support from the Working Families Party despite supporting most of their agenda, including his desire to defund-the-police. The last public general election poll for NY-17 showed Lawler beatingMondaire Jones despite Biden having won this district by double digits in 2020.