Time to Speak Up

July 1, 2024

We all watched it. Irrefutable evidence the President of the United States is experiencing cognitive decline as he sits in the Oval Office. Thursday’s debate shook the country to its core.

House Democrats including Susan Wild have stood by and enabled this crisis due to their own fecklessness and allegiance to their party over the people of this country.

Shortly before the debate, Susan Wild said“I am hoping to see President Biden look strong and competent, which I believe he is…and to put to rest these rumors of him somehow being unfit.” Wild also described Biden as “perfect” and said lawmakers who have personal experiences with him “need to speak out to cut the noise.”

“People over politics” is House Democrats’ caucus-wide slogan. But the fallout since Thursday night demonstrates a more accurate moniker would be: “feeble over people.”

The first major media poll from the weekend is devastating – not just for Joe Biden, but for down ballot Democrats. Here is what CBS News discovered in its post-debate poll:  

  • 72% believe Biden “does not have mental & cognitive health to serve as president” compared to only 27% who believe he “does”
  • 72% of registered voters believe he “should not be running for president”
  • Only 54% of registered Democrats believe he “should be running for president” compared to 46% who think he “should not”
  • On the question of “Why shouldn’t Biden be running for president?”   
    • 86% cite “his age”
    • 71% cite “decisions he might make in office”
    • 66% cite “his record as president”
    • 59% cite “ability to campaign effectively

And now? Nothing from Susan Wild who said, “If you want to ask me about the guy who lied and is an extremist, I’m happy to talk about that.”

There is only one pathway out of this: people over politics. Does Susan Wild believe it?