AZ-01 Democrats clash over Biden’s fitness to be president

July 4, 2024

Extreme Democrats’ 1st district primary has erupted into chaos as the Democrats clash over whether Joe Biden is fit to be president.

Conor O’Callaghan told the Arizona Republic “Joe Biden is our President and I stand by him 100%” and Andrei Cherny said he will “absolutely” support Biden after the debate (VIDEO).

But Marlene Woods refused to answer, telling the Arizona Republic that “she is focused on her own bid for office.” Amish Shah, Kurt Kroemer and Andrew Horne have stayed shamefully silent.

Woods, Shah, Kroemer and Horne must answer: Is Joe Biden fit to be president?

“Every single extreme Democrat running in the 1st district must answer this basic question, which is fast becoming a litmus test in Democrats’ race-to-the-far-left primary. Scottsdale and Phoenix voters deserve answers.” – NRCC Spokesperson Ben Petersen