Susan Wild attempts to get away with lies and gaslighting

July 7, 2024

According to new reporting from CNN, Susan Wild explicitly said Joe Biden should not be the Democratic nominee for President. 

However, Wild has been noticeably reluctant to answer the very simple question: Is Joe Biden fit to serve as President?

Let’s not forget: Just before the debate, Susan Wild described Biden as “perfect” and said lawmakers who have personal experiences with him “need to speak out to cut the noise.” Wild also said Joe Biden is “very sharp, no memory issues, and his only stumbling is when he trips over words consistent with his lifelong speech impediment.”

“Everyone can see this as Susan Wild’s election-year ploy to try to cling to her seat. Wild has taken every opportunity to gaslight and lie to Pennsylvanians about the current state of Joe Biden. If Wild no longer believes her own words that Joe Biden is ‘sharp‘ and ‘competent,’ then she must answer the simple question: Is Joe Biden fit to serve as President?” — NRCC Spokesman Mike Marinella