3 questions House Dems don’t want to answer

July 8, 2024

House Democrats refuse to answer whether Joe Biden is fit to serve, but they should address these major concerns:

  • If Joe Biden isn’t fit to run for reelection, why is he mentally fit to finish out his term?
  • Is Hakeem Jeffries doing enough to insulate swing-district members from the political fallout?
  • Why did you refuse to believe the Hur report, viral video footage or multiple outlets describing Biden’s mental lapses?

NRCC National Press Secretary Will Reinert said: “Extreme House Democrats are cowards: too cowardly to admit what every American knew about Joe Biden’s mental acuity before the debate and too cowardly to answer whether he should continue to serve today. Unfortunately, it’s Americans who suffered as they allowed their frail President to lead the country into a border, crime and economic crisis.”