NRCC Ad: Caraveo Met Biden Privately & Still Covered Up His Mental Failures

July 11, 2024

The NRCC released a new digital ad campaign targeting Yadira Caraveo, who met privately with President Biden – as documented in the White House visitor’s log portal – but covered up his mental failures.


“Extreme House Democrats are complicit in hiding the president’s drastic mental decline. After two weeks of silence it’s clear they still want Joe Biden in the Oval Office — not because of his cognitive function — but because they know in his diminished state he is a rubber stamp for their extreme agenda.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Delanie Bomar

“Cover-Up” script: 

The scandal of the century.

Our president lacks the mental fitness for office, and Yadira Caraveo covered it up.

Caraveo met privately with Joe Biden.

She witnessed Biden’s mental failures up close.

But allowed crises to rage under Biden’s frail leadership.

Now Yadira Caraveo ignores our concerns, saying whether Biden is fit for office is “up to the voters.”

Tell Yadira Caraveo to stop defending Biden when she knows the TRUTH.

Other swing-district members targeted include:

  • Marcy Kaptur (OH-09)
  • Mary Peltola (AK-AL)
  • Jahana Hayes (CT-05)
  • Eric Sorensen (IL-17)
  • Gabe Vasquez (NM-02)
  • Vicente Gonzalez (TX-34)
  • Susan Wild (PA-07)
  • Jared Golden (ME-02)
  • Don Davis (NC-01)