Press Updates
Hits keep coming against House Democrats
February 21, 2020 | Michael McAdams | Blog
It keeps getting worse for House Democrats. On top of this week’s disastrous Democrat presidential primary debate, down-ballot panic over Bernie Sanders’ rise, and new polling showing their most vulnerable members in trouble, House Democrats now have to deal with... Read More
VIDEO: TJ Cox says he “doesn’t like paying taxes”
February 21, 2020 | Torunn Sinclair | Blog
Flashback to an October town hall in Sanger, California where TJ Cox actually tells a constituent the truth and admits he doesn’t like paying taxes. It shows, TJ!  Tell us something we don’t read on the front page of the Fresno Bee multiple times! 
Schupp forgets her history
February 21, 2020 | Michael McAdams | Blog
Jill Schupp yesterday pledged not to take any corporate PAC money, claiming “we should focus not on the needs of special interests, but instead on the needs of the people we represent.” If that’s true, how does Schupp explain the... Read More
ICYMI: Record GOP field forms, on 2020 mission to take down ‘socialists’
February 21, 2020 | Michael McAdams | Blog
Republicans across the country are fired up and ready to retake the Majority and send the socialist Democrats packing. Fox News detailed the record-number of candidates running for office and the state of play ahead of the 2020 election. In... Read More
Comrade Kara gets socialist seal of approval
February 21, 2020 | Bob Salera | Blog
Self-avowed socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez included Comrade Kara Eastman as part of her first round of socialist candidate endorsements. Ocasio-Cortez’s organization is seen as a rival to the DCCC, which has thrown in the towel on NE-02, leaving the perennial swing... Read More
Schroder “forgot” to mention this…
February 21, 2020 | Camille Gallo | Blog
Kate Schroder talks a lot about her health care career in her new ad. But Kate conveniently “forgot” to mention that for 12 years she worked for the Clinton Foundation’s Global Health arm. Perhaps that’s because Hillary Clinton is toxic... Read More
NEW NRCC POLL: Socialism & Impeachment will cost Dems their Majority
February 21, 2020 | Michael McAdams | Blog
The NRCC is out with new battleground polling showing how toxic Bernie Sanders’ candidacy will be for the socialist House Democrats. Sanders’ image among battleground voters is upside-down at 42% favorable/53% unfavorable. But that’s not the only bad news for... Read More
PA-01 reaches dumpster fire status for Democrats
February 20, 2020 | Michael McAdams | Blog
The biggest recruiting failure in the country just got worse for the DCCC, as Debbie Wachspress dropped out of the PA-01 Democrat primary. One top DC race prognosticator proclaimed that PA-01 was “The only Dem primary field that might be... Read More