Press Updates
“barely distinguishable from zero…”
April 25, 2019 | Michael McAdams | Blog
If you didn’t already think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s $93 trillion Green New Deal was a joke, AEI just released a study revealing the socialist takeover of the economy disguised as an earth-saving environmental policy would have “no effect” on the Earth’s... Read More
TJ Cox lies about taking corporate PAC money
April 25, 2019 | Torunn Sinclair | Blog
After promising to refuse corporate PAC money, TJ Cox took $23,500 from 11 business PACs in the first quarter of 2019 according to Open Secrets.   TJ had previously released a statement saying he was “proud” to not take any... Read More
Ben McAdams has no Republican friends
April 25, 2019 | Torunn Sinclair | Blog
When Ben McAdams was asked earlier this week by Utah Policy which members of Congress he speaks with on a regular basis, McAdams didn’t name a single Republican.  Not a single one. Which raises the question: How is McAdams working across the... Read More
Quick intro
April 25, 2019 | Michael McAdams | Blog
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is grabbing headlines again after inexplicably tweeting and deleting this: We have a message for the woke socialist from New York. This older male member is a Democrat. This Democrat is on the budget committee. This budget committee... Read More
Lamb takes heat over infanticide support
April 24, 2019 | Michael McAdams | Blog
Constituents angry with Conor Lamb’s refusal to speak out against infanticide made their presence known today, as they went to his office to pressure him into signing onto the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would require that doctors provide... Read More
McCready supports baseless impeachment?
April 24, 2019 | Camille Gallo | Blog
Presidential hopeful and Dan McCready’s mentor, Seth Moulton, is still spreading conspiracy theories calling for the impeachment of President Trump even though the Mueller report  concluded there was no collusion and no obstruction. Seth Moulton convinced Dan McCready to run... Read More
April 24, 2019 | Bob Salera | Blog
Looks like Cindy Axne is realizing she made a mistake when she snubbed Vice President Pence’s invitation to tour flood damage in her district! During a photo op in Pacific Junction yesterday, Axne told reporters yesterday that she hoped to have a meeting with... Read More
Nancy Pelosi’s favorite socialist freshman
April 24, 2019 | Torunn Sinclair | Blog
Nancy Pelosi is training the next generation of socialist Democrats, and Nancy’s favorite, according to the LA Times, is California’s Katie Hill. Katie Hill is everything Nancy wants in a model socialist freshman – Katie’s a staunch supporter of socialized medicine, a fierce... Read More