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MADE IN DC: ObamaCare: A Prescription Doctors Don’t Want Filled
MADE IN DC: Manufacturers Cut Orders and New Hires But Democrats Still Won’t #StopTheTaxHike
MADE IN DC: Americans Worry For Their Children’s Future In Democrat-Run Economy
MADE IN DC: As Dems Threaten Small Biz Tax Hikes, Economic Growth Slows to a Crawl
MADE IN DC: Finances Are Grim For Americans in Democrat-Run Economy
MADE IN DC: The Cost of Dem Leadership: $1 Trillion Deficit For Fourth Straight Year
MADE IN DC: Not Doing Fine: Obama’s Secretary of Agriculture Claims Economy Has ‘Turned The Corner’
MADE IN DC: Obama Claims Small Businesses ‘Doing Fine’ As Job Openings Lowest in Five Months
MADE IN DC: Democrats’ Irresponsible Spending Spree To Put Deficit Over $1 Trillion For The Fourth Year In A Row
MADE IN DC: Dem Policies Put National Debt on Track to Double Size of U.S. Economy
MADE IN DC: Dems’ Reckless Spending Addiction is Punishing Generations to Come
MADE IN DC: Thanks to Failed Dem Policies, Americans’ Confidence Levels See Biggest Drop in Eight Months
MADE IN DC: Unlike Obama, American Families Haven’t Forgotten the Gravity of the Recession Under His Policies
MADE IN DC: Obama Economy A Disaster For Young Workers As One In Three Are Underemployed
MADE IN DC: Thanks to Dem Policies, Home Values, Ownership Hit New Record Lows
MADE IN DC: Uncertainty from Dem Policies Forces Small Businesses to Halt Growth, New Hiring
MADE IN DC: Under Dem Leadership, Rising Everyday Food Costs Hit Family Budgets Harder
MADE IN DC: Looming Costs and Regulations of Government Healthcare Takeover Make Small Businesses Fearful of Hiring
MADE IN DC: Get Set for Insurance Premiums to ‘Dramatically Increase’ Under ObamaCare
MADE IN DC: Obama’s Policies Lead His Own Advisor to Ship Jobs Overseas
MADE IN DC: Better At What? Gas Prices Predicted to Spike as Obama Says He Is Getting ‘Better As Time Goes On’
MADE IN DC: Obama Demands Raises for Federal Bureaucrats While Private Sector Workers Struggle in His Failed Economy
MADE IN DC: Despite Dems’ Government Healthcare Takeover, Ranks of the Uninsured Grow
MADE IN DC: Due to Dem Policies, Americans’ Satisfaction with Economy Sinks to Lowest Level Ever
MADE IN DC: Dems’ Failed Policies Leave Americans Feeling Worse Off Than a Year Ago
MADE IN DC: Americans Prioritize Creating Jobs, Dems Prioritize Destroying Keystone Job-Creating Pipeline
MADE IN DC:Obama’s Job Approval Declines as Job-Destroying Policies Escalate
MADE IN DC: Under Obama, National Debt Grows as Big as Entire US Economy
MADE IN DC: Obama Makes No Plans to Fix Lingering Mass Unemployment Problem in 2012
MADE IN DC: Effective this Week, Americans will be Forced to Fund Another Facet of Obama’s Healthcare Takeover
MADE IN DC: Thanks to Dems’ Failed Economic Policies, U.S. Satisfaction Rate Rivals Lowest in Over 30 Years
MADE IN DC: In New Poll, Americans Believe Big Government is Greatest Threat to Nation
MADE IN DC: Delay by Democrats in Washington Forces Layoffs in Arkansas
MADE IN DC: With Democrats Unwilling to Give Up Job-Crushing Ways, Americans Give Up Looking for Work
MADE IN DC: Obama’s Government Healthcare Takeover Bankrupting State Budgets, Destroying Jobs
MADE IN DC: Americans Stress their Dissatisfaction with Dems’ Failure to Fix the Economy as they Ask: Where are the Jobs?
MADE IN DC: One in Three Small Businesses Worry about Going out of Business Thanks to Dem Policies
MADE IN DC: Job Growth Projections in October at Lowest Percent Since January 2010
MADE IN DC: Twenty-five States Saw Payrolls Fall in September As Americans Face Longest Stretch of “Elevated Joblessness” Since 1948
MADE IN DC: Weak Economic Recovery Brings Americans’ Misery Level to 28-Year High
MADE IN DC: More Americans Pessimistic about Future of their Finances Thanks to Dems’ Dismal Job on the Economy
MADE IN DC: Under Democratic Leadership, American Families Forced to Pay More for Everyday Items
MADE IN DC: From Increased Healthcare Costs to Debit Card Fees, Dems’ Regulations Find New Ways to Destroy Job Creation
MADE IN DC: Under Obama’s Failed Policies, Americans are Getting Paid Less and Paying More for Everyday Items
Democrats’ Out of Control Spending Habits Do Not Inspire Confidence
MADE IN DC: Cost of Workers’ Health Coverage at a Six Year High Thanks to ObamaCare
MADE IN DC: Even Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean Declares ObamaCare Will Force Employees to Lose Coverage
Ohioans Forced to Pay More Under Obama’s Government Takeover of Healthcare
MADE IN DC: Job Creation Completely Stifled Under Democrats’ Failed Leadership in Washington
MADE IN DC: Democrats’ Government Takeover of Healthcare to Blame as Employers Drop Employee Coverage
MADE IN DC: Democrats’ Government Takeover of Healthcare to Blame as Employers Drop Employee Coverage