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Dem finger-pointing begins…
NEW MI-08 TV AD: “Never”
NEW MN-02 TV AD: “Record Time”
NEW MI-07 TV Ad: “Took Care”
NEW MI-08 AD: “Real World”
Axne: Biden should be on Mt. Rushmore
Air Force admits to improperly leaking Jennifer-Ruth Green’s military record
Axne thinks it’s “racist” to want secure borders
NEW MN-02 AD: “Decimating”
NEW MI-07 AD: “Reeks”
DCCC Chair flip-flips on outside help
Pfaff promised to oppose Pelosi… then took her cash
DCCC Chair in trouble
NEW WI-03 TV AD: “What the Pfaff”
NEW MN-02 TV AD: “Laugh”
NEW IA-03 TV AD: “France”
NEW MI-08 TV ADS: “The Fixer” & “Suggesting”
Axios: Craig’s flip-flops on student loan handout
‘Lifelong Republican’ In Angie Craig Ad Is Actually a Democrat
NEW IA-03 TV ADS: “If You Pass It” & “Secret Stocks”
Slotkin’s disastrous MTP interview
ICYMI: NRCC Chairman Emmer on Fox Report
Axios: Dems abandon Pfaff
DCCC Chair ditches district to hobnob in Europe
Marlinga let Dr. Death off the hook
New MI-08 TV Ad: “Dealing”
Monmouth Poll: Ten-point swing to GOP
AAA: ‘Brace for rising pump prices’ as Michigan average surges to $4.17 a gallon
There goes your retirement…
CNBC: Fed’s preferred gauge shows inflation accelerated even more than expected in August
Scholten scrubs bail reform from website
Axios: “Democratic voter registrations sink”
Dems flip-flop on criminal justice provisions they once championed
New NRCC video hits Bohannan for inflating resume
Have you checked your 401k?
Craig: I only vote with Pelosi on “big bills”
WHO 13: Axne was in France during vote
WaPo/ABC Poll: R’s winning where it matters
Detroit News exposes Slotkin’s sketchy living arrangement with lobbyist, campaign donor
Axne skipped IRA vote because of French vacation
Kildee blocking police funding
NEW MI-07 TV AD: “Think”
Axne makes more stock trades amid insider trading allegations
Scholten says stop the spending, but supported the spending
NBC Poll: GOP in driver’s seat on issues that will decide election
Insider trading scandal: Axne pulls out of radio interview
Fact Check: Every NRCC claim about Axne is true
Mathis lies about anti-police views in new ad
Scholten lies through her teeth in latest ad