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Nick Rahall’s Pants are on fire
NRCC | August 5, 2013


Nick Rahall has had a challenger for his seat for less than a week and he is already resorting to desperate, bald-faced lies.

In an interview with the Charleston Daily Mail, Rahall actually claimed that the Progressive Budget that he voted for did not have a carbon tax. Here is the actual lie in quotes: “Rahall said he voted for the budget amendment but said it did not include any carbon tax, and he questioned whether Jenkins had read the bill.”

Really Nick? Have YOU read the budget?

Here is the language from the Progressive Budget itself:


The Washington Post talks about the Progressive Budget’s Carbon Tax here.

Think Progress talks about the Progressive Budget’s Carbon Tax here.

And EE News deconstructs Nick Rahall’s attempt to use semantics to hide his vote for a carbon tax here.

NRCC Comment: “Nick Rahall betrayed West Virginia when he voted for the Progressive Budget and its coal-killing carbon tax. Now Rahall is trying to hide that betrayal by being blatantly disingenuous with voters in the 3rd District. The sad truth is that, after 36 years of playing Washington D.C. politics, Nick Rahall has joined liberal Democrats in their War on Coal and can’t bring himself to tell the truth to West Virginia families.” – NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior

Nick Rahall for Congress

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