7 Things That President Obama Is Out Of Touch With America On

September 23, 2013

1. Keystone Pipeline

There’s not much debate across America about the benefits that the Keystone Pipeline will bring to America. One recent poll found that as many as 67% of Americans support construction of the pipeline – including 56% of Democrats!

But President Obama continues to balk and stall, making up excuses and delaying the State Department’s approval of the pipeline. You’re not on the same side of public opinion on this one, President Obama.

2. ObamaCare

Poll after poll shows that ObamaCare remains widely unpopular and distrusted by Americans across the country. Yet President Obama continues to insist that his law is helping Americans and controlling costs – neither of which are supported by facts.

While Republicans stand with the majority of Americans to repeal and replace the train wreck health care law, Obama and his Democrats continue to ignore the demands of the public.

3. Benghazi

President Obama and his Democrats continue to avoid and ignore the ongoing Benghazi scandal while Republicans are pushing for answers and accountability. President Obama went as far as calling the concerns surrounding the Benghazi attack a “phony scandal.” Unfortunately for the President, as many as 70% of Americans don’t find the unanswered questions about what happened on September 11, 2013 “phony.”

Is President Obama going to continue to ignore Benghazi? Or start listening to questions that an overwhelming majority of Americans want answers to?

4. The Debt Ceiling

President Obama has repeatedly said he refuses to negotiate over the nation’s debt ceiling, and will not accept anything less than an automatic increase in the country’s borrowing limit. Yet once again, President Obama is on the wrong side of public opinion – one poll found that Americans oppose raising the debt ceiling 2-to-1.

Maybe the President should check back in with reality and listen to the American people.

5. The Economy 

Higher taxes and more government spending is President Obama’s automatic answer to fix the economy, but yet again he’s sitting on the wrong side of America on his prescription to create jobs. Voters disapprove of his handling of the economy, and his numbers continue to sink.

So much for his most recent “pivot!

6. Coal

President Obama’s War on Coal continues to heat up as his Environmental Protection Agency launches regulatory attack after attack on the industry. A recent poll, however, found that a majority of Americans have favorable attitudes towards the coal industry, and that Obama’s EPA is considerably less popular.

It seems that when it comes to picking his Big Government liberal agenda or listening to the American people, the President will pick his tired agenda.

7. “Doing Fine” 

Alright, this is an old one, but remember when President Obama told Americans that the economy was “doing fine?”

Amid record-high unemployment, sluggish growth, staggering debt, out of control deficits, a train wreck of regulations, and – last but not least – ObamaCare, how could any President who actually listens to the people believe that the economy is doing fine?