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Two-way Teachout’s screwed up BDS stance
NRCC | June 27, 2016

teachoutZephyr “Two-way” Teachout wants it both ways.  After refusing to answer a question regarding the Cuomo Administration’s boycott of the BDS movement, Teachout is now telling The New York Post that she doesn’t support BDS. But then she said doesn’t support the boycott of BDS movement, either.  Confusing, right?

It kind of reminds you of when The New York Daily News roasted her for being pro-SAFE Act one minute, and then anti-SAFE Act the next.  Or when she signed a “people’s pledge” to keep outside money out of the race but then accepted $20,900 from the family propping up Democracy Alliance, which has been called “the liberal answer to the Koch donor network.”

Two-way Teachout, indeed.

NRCC Comment: “Zephyr Teachout is a flip-flopping hypocrite.” –NRCC Spokesman Chris Pack

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