John Delaney plays the blame game

July 29, 2016

Can someone tell John Delaney to get off his high horse? Yesterday in a letter to the editor, Delaney feigned outrage against Governor Larry Hogan regarding I-81, a dangerous and accident-prone highway. Since Delaney is claiming the Governor hasn’t done anything for I-81, surely he must have been working tirelessly, meeting with the Hogan Administration at any chance he was given, to fix this problem for his constituents, right?


Nope! The Hogan Administration says Delaney has been a no-show at meetings stating “had Congressman Delaney bothered to attend Governor Hogan’s federal priorities meeting with the Maryland delegation earlier this year, he would have learned the administration is eager to discuss transportation priorities in Western Maryland.”

 It looks like John Delaney is just another do-nothing politician too busy mounting a campaign against Governor Hogan to seriously work on fixing problems for his constituents.

“John Delaney is a typical do-nothing politician who’d rather play the blame game than work on solving problems. Maryland’s 6th District deserves a representative that will work across party lines to get things done, not someone like John Delaney who points fingers and plays politics.” -NRCC Spokesperson Camille Gallo