Obama Admin says GITMO to be closed by January. Morgan Carroll is thrilled. CO families aren’t.

August 25, 2016

gitmoDid you see the breaking Reuters report that Vice President Biden said he “expected the military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, would close before President Barack Obama leaves office” next year? Morgan Carroll should be thrilled, given her unwavering support for closing the facility, even if it means relocating terrorists to Colorado.

Now that the Vice President has all but guaranteed GITMO will be closed, Colorado families have every reason to worry that some of the world’s worst terrorists will be transferred right into their backyards. This is what Carroll has always wanted, and now Colorado families might be the ones to pay for her blind partisanship.

NRCC Comment: “Morgan Carroll is finally getting her wish as the Vice President all but guaranteed the closure of GITMO by January, opening the door to the transfer of terrorist detainees to Colorado. Instead of standing up for the safety and security of Colorado families, Carroll has once again put blind partisanship ahead of what’s right for the people she hopes to represent.” – NRCC Spokesman Zach Hunter