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glad you are back!
Madison Anderson | July 17, 2017

Looks like failed candidate Angie Craig is back for more. Today, she announced that she’s running against Jason Lewis yet again.

To quickly recap – in her first run, we found out that she’s a big fan of big spending, likes to hang with Nancy Pelosi instead of voters, and ripped off veterans with her shady business practices.

And she’s already confusing us. In her Facebook announcement – she said she wants to “create economic opportunity,” yet she supported Hillary Clinton’s $350 billion in new spending plan and supports Nancy Pelosi. Sorry Angie, but one of those things is not like the other.

This should be fun.

“Angie Craig’s record speaks for itself, as does Jason Lewis’s. Instead of looking to raise taxes, Lewis advocates for policies that would lower taxes for Minnesotans. Instead of cozying up to Nancy Pelosi, he prefers fighting for his voters, and instead of ripping off those who have sacrificed everything for our freedom, he fights for our nation’s veterans. We are thrilled to welcome Angie Craig back, and are confident that Jason Lewis, who has widespread support in his District and is a prolific fundraiser, will easily keep his seat in Congress.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Maddie Anderson

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