Gil Cisneros accused of harassment

May 3, 2018

Melissa Fazli, a Democratic candidate for Assembly District 55, is standing up with some very serious accusations against Gil Cisneros today.

Fazli claims Cisneros approached her at the February Democratic Convention while intoxicated, and propositioned her for sex in exchange for a donation to her campaign. She calls Cisneros “an unethical creepy man who is using inappropriate and bullying tactics to intimidate others in order to win a seat in Congress.”

Notably, the DCCC attempted to push the only female in the race, Mai Khanh Tran, to drop out in favor of Cisneros earlier this year. Tran’s campaign responded: “On one side they encourage all women to run and to speak up, and on the other side they prefer self-funded millionaires over any women.”

Coming on the heels of allegations that Cisneros left a “groggy” voicemail for an opponent’s wife threatening to “go negative,” Gil threatening to take the outlet to court and failing to follow through, the questions surrounding Cisneros’ behavior are now too serious to ignore.

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Gil Cisneros can longer hide behind threatening or suing his accusers – it’s time for him to come clean about his behavior. If true, this raises serious questions about the DCCC’s endorsement process and raises the volume on calls to drop Cisneros from the Red to Blue program altogether.” -NRCC Spokesman Jack Pandol